Anti cliché

Anti cliché by moshpit


You have read all the clichés. You know you might even write them, intentionally or otherwise. And yet, where are the lines that failed to become cliché? Right here, of course. A story of introspection, consumerism, sheep, bones, and more. And, of course, of Voldemort's defeat by the bonds of destiny held in skilled hands.

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This has to be the funniest story you have ever written. It's been a while since I first read this, but I just could not stop laughing. Like a lot of your stories, rereading this is like reading it for first time. It remains as fresh and funny as the first time. It really sets you apart from many writers. There is nothing tiring about your stores.

Voldemort as a door to door salesman is the best analagy I can find on that character. A fate worse then death to confront one and you bloody well had Harry and Ginny facing it. I really enjoyed the characters of Shep Fanz and Garreth Aughty. They were the Greek Chorus to this story.