Yes Jo, undermine your characters as written

    Because your characters Harry and Hermione got along SO well together in the books. Why do I think she has been hanging out with Steve Kloves?
    Oh dear God! Seven years after the last book and she just reignited the shipper wars.


    Actually I can see a case

    Actually I can see a case for not pairing Hermione and Ron. The end of DH aside I could easily see them never getting together.

    I don't like the idea of pairing of Hermione with Harry though.

    - SC

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    All of these articles are

    All of these articles are blatant sensationalism. The only actual source material for any of these is a photo of the first page of the Sunday Times, which references a magazine called Wonderland that Emma Watson is editing this month. The actual magazine hasn't been released yet. You can see the Times image here:

    And Leaky has a tidy summation of everything JKR herself said in that snippet:

    What you see on Leaky is literally every word JKR was quoted as saying. She never says anything about Hermione and Harry. She never even mentions Harry at all. What she says, precisely, is that pairing Hermione with Ron "was a choice I made for very personal reasons, not for reasons of credibility." Her other comments are expansions of that idea.

    Emma Watson seems to have said that she thought Hermione and Harry would have been a better match, but even that is not quoted.

    If the Wonderland article comes out (it's due on the 7th) and quotes JKR herself in regards to Hermione/Harry, then I'll lament her change of heart. Until then, though, she's just saying that Ron/Hermione didn't make much sense, and that's not news at all.

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    If you mean book Harry and

    If you mean book Harry and Hermione. Yeah I agree. They were (to me anyway) like siblings. Well more then that. Sometimes Hermione came across as Harry's mother. The way she ordered Harry and Ron around.

    Film Harry is different. Dan (though I hate him as an actor) clicked on the screen with Emma It didn't help that his pairing with Bonnie Wright was god awful. So Dan (not Harry) and film Emma (not Hermione) could have gotten it on the screen for all I care. Good screen couple.