Would Jo's Pensieves actually work?

    Just as Miguel Alcuberrie proved Star Trek's Warp Drive is mathematically possible (physically possible? Oh... Ah... Hmm...) the on-line article titled Study: Your brain sees things you don't is about something that sounds similar to what Jo describes in her Pensieve scenes.


    University of Arizona doctoral degree candidate Jay Sanguinetti has authored a new study, published online in the journal Psychological Science, that indicates that the brain processes and understands visusal [sic] input that we may never consciously perceive. // Study participants' brainwaves indicated that even if a person never consciously recognized the shapes on the outside of the image, their brains still processed those shapes to the level of understanding their meaning.


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    Another science bit

    Your post put me in mind of this which explains the how the magical gene could word. I admit I got lost pretty quickly but interesting none the less.