Stronger and Harder Than A Bad Girl's Dream

    I originally wrote this fic for the SIYE Time-Turner challenge, but never got around to completing it until now. Even then its been a bit of a struggle as Canon!Harry is an atypical British teenager and is not a randy git and I found another word that means something different over here to the land of the brave etc...So joining the more guffaw inducing 'fanny' and 'rubber' is the lowly 'homely'.

    In the UK homely is a positive word and as I say in my A/N ... 'I'd describe The Burrow as homely; as the OED puts it, "In later use also (chiefly Brit., of a place or its atmosphere, etc.): cosy, comfortable."'

    Anyway, the fic can be found at Phoenixsong if you are that way inclined.