That stop-start thing- is NaNo the answer?

    I've had an eventful year in many ways. My knees got so bad I could hardly walk (now healed) and I had a (thankfully) small tumour removed last month. I've also changed jobs, seen my kids start their first jobs and we'll end the year with my wife under threat of redundancy. In amongst all this I've been trying to write. I know that many here have had lot lot of 'real life TM' stuff to deal with too.

    I've started many things, finished very few. I've also been writing songs with a more consistent output over the last 18 months than any other period of my life. Amongst the unfinished things are three novel projects that I like the concepts, but have failed to develop beyond the first phase, albeit reaching 50k words with one in my one and only NaNo attempt and then shoving the thing in the corner to moulder having fallen out of love with my lead characters.

    I'm looking at NaNo again as a means of pushing myself to take one of the concepts to a state where it will (hopefully) take on a life on its own and enable me to get the ideas out of my head and onto the page. Or is this just wishful thinking on my part? Perhaps I don't get that far because the ideas just aren't that good and I get bored by it all. Or is it that there just isn't the time or head space to do this and its time I realised that?

    As they used to say, answers on a postcard...