Something that has begun to annoy me in fanfic stories

    Why do so many authors have Harry crying? Unless there is some sort of background for an emotional Harry, he doesn't cry. Ever. Well, there is the hospital wing scene after Voldemort's re-embodiment, but even then he he doesn't completely let go.

    My own thoughts about this are summarized in a draft for the last chapter of TLT: Sorcerer's Apprentice. (Yes, drafts for all the chapters do exist in some form or another.) Harry has a nightmare about the events in the Chamber. "Harry was suddenly awake, grasping for his wand and glasses from the bedside table. He sat up in bed panting, his skin covered in a cold sweat. The thought that he was responsible for [character's name deleted] death, let alone Ginny’s, made him want to retch. His face grew hot and his eyes itched with forming tears. He began to blink away the tears, telling himself he must not cry. Tears were for cowards; heroes were never cowards. Harry was supposed to be a hero so he must never cry." A bit harsh, especially for a 12 year-old boy, but TLT Harry has an unhealthy view of himself.

    Perhaps I'm an old fuddy-duddy but Harry crying for any reason strikes me as out of kilter as a new story referring to Virginia Weasley.


    Can't say that I've noticed

    Can't say that I've noticed a lot of that myself... or where I have seen it, it hasn't seemed too out of place on that particular version of Harry....

    On the other hand I tend to be highly selective on what fanfic I read these days... If the summary doesn't strike me as potentially interesting or if it has any of my red flags I don't even bother opening it, so perhaps I'm just not reading the same fics you are. :-)

    - SC

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    As a rule of thumb fan

    As a rule of thumb fan fiction characters tend to cry far more than is believable, but I agree. Harry is someone who keeps it in, that's how he was brought up, that's how he survived.