Sins of the Fathers chapter 11

    I'm now working on this chapter so I thought, as a way of keeping me honest, I'd blog my progress.

    I have my outline, but reviewing it today, there's the possibility that I'll split it into two, possibly three chapters. I'd like to avoid long chapters as I need to keep the momentum on this going and I think a chapter of more than 10k words would be unwise.

    Current word count : 0


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    Worked out where the

    Worked out where the different bits of the story are going to fit. Still undecided if its going to be two or three chapters. Nevertheless I've started writing the first chapter.

    Word Count: 1313

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    Illness has disrupted things

    Illness has disrupted things and so no new words added. Chapter ten is still with my beta so I'm not sure when we'll see it appear.