Sins of the Fathers

    In a move that surprised anyone my plan to finish writing the story by the end of 2014 failed miserably. However, I did do enough so that a recent break enabled me to finish what should be the penultimate chapter. I say should be, because I am thinking that the final chapter may get split in two. It's taken me 5,000 words to set the scene and I know that word count will increase when I begin to revise it. A lot of commercially published works have chapters of 10k words or more, but this is fanfic and apart from a few honourable mentions 10k is rare.

    So what does this mean for the long suffering readers? Well the next chapter will be published in March and beyond that I can't really say with any certainty. Still, I'm closer to the end than I thought I'd ever get at one point. There is light at the end of the tunnel and as long as its not the train coming all will be well.

    On a different note, I posted an already published oneshot to I'm not saying that those that frequent the site a sandwich short of a picnic, but someone followed the story for updates. I went back to check that I'd marked it as complete and I had. Nowt so queer as folk as they say.