Hiccups and hate

    You may have noticed some unstableness. The site came and went today. Lots of error messages.

    Aside from having a serious case of hate for the hosting provider's not-discussed blanket upgrade of software versions and OSes, things were fixed. All the features that have been a little flakey were working. I even posted a nice little blog saying "Please go test those things that were problematic.." - like those stories people were unable to read due to memory limit problems.

    Then the database went corrupt. And three years of information was lost. I restored the nightly backup, but anything in the past 24hrs is potentially dubious.

    I'm making an extra snapshot right after posting this. Hopefully, the issues are not going to keep coming back. Do let me know by replying to this post if you run across any issues.


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    Err . . .

    Thanks for trying?

    I wondered why the site

    I wondered why the site suddenly had no content.

    That being said I think the only thing that had been posted in the last 24 hours was your original hiccups post.

    Thanks for fixing things up in any case. :-)

    - SC