Err, hello again?

    Err, hello again? (tap tap tap) Is this thing on?

    I hope everyone is doing well. I think this is the first time I've logged onto this site in like 2 years. I think I got super busy back then and the habit of coming here was broken. So my apologies if I owe anyone any replies. Send the messages to me again and I'll really try to come back again a lot faster next time to answer. :)

    Besides life simply swamping me at times, I am still writing HP fanfic stories, although much more slowly than I used to way back when. I finished "Accidental Bond" over on, if anyone cares. I've posted a few others there too. Hmm, there's at least 2 newish H/G stories over there I guess I need to bring this way when I get time.

    Despite being in the midst of taking a bathroom back to the studs and completely redoing it, which somehow has also led to ripping up carpet in half my house and replacing it with wood floors and repainting same said half of house (it was my wife who insisted on both of these, really!), I've manage to finish the draft of a short story that I've been working on for the last couple of months. It's about 50K-words and features (for those that care about 'ships) Harry and someone who's sorta in the hp-universe but also sorta OC (not going to say exactly as finding out who is part of the fun of the story). If someone would like to try their hand at being a beta, please let me know. I can hand you the entire story in a ms-word doc file to work over and send back to me. You also get your name in it as the beta. :)

    Otherwise, happy summer for those of us up top and happy winter for those down under. I've gotta go figure out which direction to lay the flooring while I'm waiting on bathroom parts to arrive...



    No, I don't think so

    ...believe this is the answer to your quite witty question.

    This used to be such a lively place but everything changes and there actually is a whole other real world out there beyond fan fiction...altho reading it has certainly continued as a primary vice for me.

    Still, appreciate your stirring the still waters here and feel that as someone who's gifted us with some of the very best HP stories, your post deserves acknowledgment.

    ...will also take the opportunity to say Thank You for those offerings over the years.