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parakletos's blog: A little slow

    Things are a little slow at Parakletos Towers these days. My meds are working although they do make life a little dull. Still if the price of a new chapter is a visit to the knife drawer then i think that's a good thing. Work is busy, and surprisingly I'm able to cope with that. Mrs P is ill with Shingles, and although she has been quite ill, she is now starting to get better.

    The interlude I wrote about a month ago is about to be posted at PS. Poor Sherry has had her own form of madness in her life (work related and something called Thanksgiving , I think, its now ready to go.

    parakletos's blog: A Few Steps Back

      I've had a bit of a relapse... ok total meltdown and unable to function so I'm back on my medication. :((

      That means a couple of things:

      1. I'll get a bit strange so I apologise in advance for upsetting anyone.
      2. The upside of the meds is that they prevent me doing anything stupid with a knife and things like that but they also tend to send my creativity off on holiday :(. So if this last fic updates may be few and far between.

      parakletos's blog: Fic updates

        12 Months.....

        Interlude 3 is nearly through beta and will appears soon on PS.

        I have bits and pieces of Chapter 30 but nothing concrete


        Still to appear on PS as it got stuck in the betas process due to Real Life (TM). The Prologue and First Chapter are nearly there with Chapter Two in early beta.

        Other bits...

        I promised Sherry a fic for her birthday but so far no inspiration has struck. Any stray (and short) plot bunnies please let me know.

        parakletos's blog: Need a Banner... can anyone help?


          I need a banner for a wiki/info site I'm putting together. is there anyone out there that is skilled enough to make one for me?


          parakletos's blog: 12 Months: where now?

            I finally got chapter 29 posted thanks to the help of Dave, Michelle and Sherry... it only took 12 months to update.

            I now view the story with a certain sense of ambivalence. Its been my main story ever since I first got published back in 2004 on the now defunct The Fireplace and now the thought of finishing it has all the appeal of reading Ginny/Draco. Ok not that bad but more like pages of R/Hr (I'm no fan).

            parakletos's blog: Food and other wasted descriptions

              *rant alert!*

              I never cease to be amazed at the need for some authors to detail the food eaten by characters. If we apply the rule that if you tell me about it for a reason or not at all then most of the description is wasted.

              If you tell me about mashed potato (its always mash never roasted or chips) then I expect you to use it in tell the story. If not I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!
              And it gets worse; fresh bread - who serves stale bread? Only ghosts I'd guess. Boiled peas- the only alternative is mushy peas so boiled peas = peas.

              parakletos's blog: Congrats to kezza

                Competition Name: The Anniversary Challenge, 2008
                Competition End Date: Wednesday 3rd September 2008

                First Place

                Author: Kezzabear
                Story: An Unceremonious Beginning
                "This day sucks, it really does. It's the worst day ever." Harry is having a very bad day...


                parakletos's blog: The Sins of the Fathers

                  Chapter 1 is now awaiting approval. I've decided for the time being to only post it here so this is a Metafic exclusive lol

                  I was asked whether the title is supposed to be singular or plural. The answer is plural for reasons you will see as the story unfolds. All feedback is very welcome of course.

                  ETA: Ok the time being is past and I'm going to post it elsewhere :p

                  parakletos's blog: communuity

                    Its hard to find decent stuff on so a while ago I started a community to try and keep track of mainly the newer stuff. Being the narrow minded person I am I'm only interested in H&G and can easily cope with Ron and Hermione being with others.

                    Feel free to rec stuff and I will add it.

                    The community can be found here


                    parakletos's blog: One Star

                      I gave a one star rating to a story on SIYE because I though it was rubbish and it was more polite to give it a start rating than actually say what i thought and got this response:

                      Author's Response: Thanks! I was hoping to find out there were some who really read the stories - It's great to REALLY know you can't make everyone happy!

                      The story is HP& the Affairs of State and won an award in a recent challenge. Why I have no idea, but then I've never won anything, even losing a H&G fic vote to a R/H slash story.


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