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parakletos's blog: SIYE

    Anyone else not able to access it?

    parakletos's blog: Looking for prompts

      My recent attempts to write have only been partially successful, due in part to my ideas requiring more chapters than I'm capable of delivering at the moment. I've looked around at various sites where prompts are regularly posted and found none that appeal to me. So I'm asking for help. Yes, I'm asking for prompts from the good folk of Metafic. Of course, being Metafic, they will not be of the same ilk as found elsewhere and will be capable of twisting my brain into areas never fully explored before. They can be AU, cliche, whatever.

      parakletos's blog: Tech help

        I bought a new fan for one of our PCs. It has the wonderful 'Intel approved board push pins' for fitting rather than the screws the old one had. I can't get it to fit and no one will tell me whether they are supposed to fit in ye olde screw holes. I've linked the fan below. Any one able to help?


        parakletos's blog: Ok, back into the cupboard I go.

          Most of you know I'm on medication for depression. It’s helpful, after all, I haven't thought about harming myself for a while now. But it has its downsides. Some of them are the medical side-effects, the worst of which is feeling sick. The others are harder to define, but essentially they narrow the range of my emotions, great for stopping you falling into a deep dark pit, but the highs go as well. In short, life is grey, a dull monotonous grey.

          parakletos's blog: The Woes Of Fanfic Ginny.

            Poor Mrs Potter, or, in my nightmares Mrs Weasley Potter.

            I can cope with endless descriptions of that 'flowery scent'. I can, with a few perscitpion drugs, accept the 'hex first, ask questions later' temper. What I find unacceptable is the 'if I can't have Harry, I'm going to hook up with A New Dark Lord/someone who treats me like dirt because I'm so desperate/etc.

            Ginny is a smart woman, after all, its why Harry loves her, right? So why does she lack any common sense in chosing partners? /rant.

            parakletos's blog: The Art of Using Flashbacks

              I like using flashbacks. I find that they are a useful way of giving back story that helps the narrative move along. However, as a reader I'm not so big a fan. I've tried to analyse why this is so as it strikes me as a tad hypocritical to say one thing and do another.

              parakletos's blog: Who is your 'go to guy'?

                Not a Brit phrase, I know, but in the sense of when you want to sit down and have a good read of a fic you like who do you pick. Mine is currently _kb_ , who is yours?

                parakletos's blog: When is a HP story not a HP story?

                  I've been wading through That Terrifying Momentum by Caleb Nova and to be honest I found it hard going. There are huge swathes (sometimes whole chapters) that could be edited out and not affect the story. That is if the author wanted it to be a HP story, which I'm guessing he doesn't care one way or another.

                  It made me think about how far can a fic go without it being actually part of the universe it claims to inhabit. A fic does't have to be Harry centric but making the main character an OC, I think, takes the whole thing too far.

                  parakletos's blog: One of the best I've seen

                    This made the whole family giggle...

                    Harry watched her pile mashed potatoes, roast beef, chicken legs, peas, sweet potatoes and mint humbugs, among many other things.

                    10 points to the house of your choice if you can spot the error.

                    parakletos's blog: Return to Blighty

                      Last day in France today. We don't sail until 8pm tonight so being up early is no good thing especially as we dont dock until midnight. Although I'm not much of a coffe drinker I think I'll need some to keep awake for the 3 hour drive home afterwards.

                      Its a big day for my 16 yo on Thursday as she gets to see her GCSE results. For those of you looking for an easy translation these are her OWLS. As she is not looking to go onto a top uni at 18 these are only important in progression on to A levels (NEWTS) but that doesnt stop her worrying.

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