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parakletos's blog: A request for tech input

    The very talented Stmargarets received this request from our good friend Sherylyn.

    A technical/computer-type question - something about file sharing?
    My dear beta, sherylyn wanted me to ask this question for her. Since I don't quite know what it means, I'll just copy it under the cut. Leave her an answer in the comments if you know:

    I know we've touched on this before but if you feel able pop over to Lj or email Sherry direct.

    parakletos's blog: Would a year really make that much difference?

      Looking through one of the last fics in the takinginturns fest over at LJ there is one which properly fits the AU.

      parakletos's blog: The Shipper Manifesto Challenge: Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley

        cwarbeck bravely took up the challenge to write a shippers manifesto for the H&G ship. For those of you who joined fandom relatively late one, these were all the rage early on in fandom but are a bit redundant these days. I've included a link to the post on Lj that includes fic recs to go with the ship.

        Making lists of 'must read' fics is always fraught with difficulty and none of the fics would be on my list.

        Three that would be are:

        parakletos's blog: Its been nearly a year but its nearly there.....

          Mornings had always been Harry’s favourite part of the day. No matter how controlled or scripted his life had been, he’d always taken the trouble to wake before the appointed time and today was no exception.

          parakletos's blog: Getting back into a rhythm

            I've been back at work now for two weeks and in some ways it's been very difficult for me. Its been a long time since I've had to go into the same office day after day. The fact that there's a lot of work required to set up systems and such whilst trying to generate appointments and ultimately income.

            parakletos's blog: Back on twitter

              can't use the old details so I'm now Cwedol.

              talkative adj cwedol eloquent

              parakletos's blog: An general update

                Well, I have my new job and now I have a start date which is this coming Monday.

                I've done bits and pieces of writing in my enforced holiday including working on 2 original pieces. I read part of one to some one and they liked it so I'm encouraged to continue.

                I'm going to be commuting by train again so I'm looking at stuff I can read on my phone. Does anyone know how to convert documents into .prc files? Would make it easier to read them rather than uploading them to google docs to read from there.


                parakletos's blog: When you have to set it all up yourself

                  With such a title, this could be about our church, which doesn't have its own building so has to set up and take down every week, but it isn't.

                  Instead, it concerns my current writing project which is set in Anglo Saxon England. I didn't really appreciate how much work it would entail in bringing the wealth of information that is out there regarding the period (its set around 924 AD)into a story. It's also showed me just how much info I have stored in my head about the world in which Harry lives.

                  parakletos's blog: Swaefred of Cent

                    My wife has never read any of my fanfic, always asking why I don't write any original stuff. She tends to be a lone voice amongst those who are interested in what I write as everyone else wants to know when the next chapter of 12M or Sins will be. But now she's happy, because I'm working on an idea that has no links to Harry Potter.

                    parakletos's blog: How much is enough?

                      Scouting around for something new to read I came across Ginny's Journey on SIYE.

                      I was surprised to find that the interaction between H&G after 48 chapters is minimal. I won't be continuing with the story because I didn't actually like it, but it got me thinking; how much H&G does the story have to have to find a place on the site?

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