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parakletos's blog: Is the Lustre Beginning to Fade?

    I suppose that the title could apply to many things, including the Cannon's Challenge for a place in Europe (never mind actually winning the league) for one.

    But, I digress, if only slightly.

    parakletos's blog: Taking the plunge

      The new laptop arrives tomorrow and its a Mac, so stand by for a load of rants as to how crap Macs are and why did I ever leave and will Bill let me come back etc. Seriously though, I'm looking forward to it and I trust that all the advice I've been given is correct. The one thing I will miss is my speech recognition software. yes I know that I can get it for the Mac but its something else to buy and I've spent enough as it is.

      parakletos's blog: Nanowrimo

        It was mentioned before in a previous post and I did have a go a few years back (wrote 30k words for a H/G fic (who else) called The Remnant.)

        I Wondered if anyone else is doing it and what, if anything, I might get out of it. I've been looking at the gatherings being promoted in London and they appeal to me more than the dash (?) to 50k.

        I wonder.

        parakletos's blog: Back in the saddle

          I've finally started writing again, not any of my fanfic projects I hasten to add (sorry to those who are waiting), but one of the three ideas I'm trying to work on that would actually be of my own creation.

          parakletos's blog: Illicit sex ?

            Sex, in it's many forms, is, based on my reading, the lifeblood of fandom. A lot of it I dislike, and a lot of it I think its pointless. Some of it is done well and some is just gynaecological (the Witch, The Wizard and the Wall anyone?).

            I find it hard to write my favourite couple without sex wandering into the story which I put down to the fact that I've been with my wife for so long I find it hard to imagine a relationship without it. Either that, or I'm just a pervert.

            I was amused, therefore, to read this review on a chapter of Hunters and Prey By Northumbrian

            parakletos's blog: Le sigh.....

              I hate these periods of non-creativity.

              Not so much a problem in songwriting as I always write in bursts anyway, but with fiction it sucks. In particular, its galling to know what you really want to write but it just.wont.come.out!

              It also annoys me because there is very little fanfiction that is being published at the moment that I like to read. Has it died? because it feels like its died inside of me.

              le sigh.....

              parakletos's blog: SIYE Challenges

                I'm not a fan of these, not by a long shot, but knickergate takes the biscuit.

                Those who missed the original posting (it's been pulled) can catch up here whilst the comments can be found here

                What really disappoints me, is that no one mentions the Nazis or Hitler! What is the internet coming to, eh?

                parakletos's blog: My main PC has died

                  I wont boot up properly. I'm getting an error message about PTES but as I can't actually get in I can't begin to troubleshoot things. It's been booting up slowly recently so I did a new back up of EVERYTHING just in case.

                  I don't have anyone locally that I can use to fix it anyone any ideas where I can start? I have my Win 7 disk so I can to a complete install.

                  Its not the end of the world because I have this laptop and 2 XP machines but dam annoying.

                  X-posted to LJ.

                  parakletos's blog: Posting 'Sins' at SIYE

                    The published story is getting to the point where I'd consider posting it at SIYE. I'm not ready yet, partly because I don't want to make readers wait too long for the plot to develop as, well, I think they'd get confused. I don't think that there's much I'd need to change to fit in with the requirements other than the removal of the f-word, but I may be wrong.

                    Anyone care to assist?

                    parakletos's blog: 500 guests

                      When I logged on this morning there was me and 500 guests :-) what sort of traffic do we normally get on the site?

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