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parakletos's blog: The Day that Ginny Weasley Came To Stay

    Title: The Day that Ginny Weasley Came to Stay

    Rating: R

    Summary: Harry struggles to deal with his hormones whilst Ginny tries to find herself. A Post DH bit of fun featuring a manipulative but genial Kreacher, a Genre Savvy Harry and a new Mistress of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black.

    Word Count: 5329

    Sorry for the non-working link

    parakletos's blog: Fic rec

      Title: The Ever-Locked Room
      Author: scarysnapey
      Pairing: Harry/Ginny, James Potter, Lily Potter, Kingsley Shacklebolt
      Rating: PG13
      Word Count: 6805
      Summary: There is something Harry knows that he cannot teach her, a spell that her lips won’t form, a game with rules that don’t make sense. Harry marries Ginny with such a strong sense of what love is that Ginny has no time to figure it out for herself.

      Read it, you won't regret it.

      parakletos's blog: ropes of ...

        Had a great laugh at the expense of this fic, where the sex is bad and Mrs Malaprop rules.

        Here is an example:

        she stopped her menstruations releasing him with a wet pop sound

        parakletos's blog: Open House at The Writer Magazine website

          The Write Magazine currently has an open house on their website so visitors can see stuff normally available to members.

          parakletos's blog: Serpentine Serenade - fic rec and other things

            Stumbled across this on

            It's premise is Slytherin Harry looking after a newly sorted Slytherin Ginny. Its an Idea I've played around with for a while on and off a but never published and its quite nice to see decent stab being made at it. Not quite as dark or as formal as my efforts but still worth a read.


            parakletos's blog: Best of 2010 Awards

              Over at H&G OTP on Lj the nominations are open for their Best of 2010 awards

              These tend to be a bit incestuous, but that doesn't mean that good writers and artists can't win as well. There is no "This is the same tired plot device but you'll love it anyways (sic)" award but perhaps next year :p

              It's that time of year again! 2010 may have come and gone, but the fabulous fic and gorgeous artwork we loved all year stays with us. Which pieces will you remember? What stories have you added to your list of favourites over the last twelve months?

              parakletos's blog: Want to write but.....

                I want to write, but can't get focussed. So......

                I'm looking for five prompts, H&G of course, from people. However, there is a twist; it has to be a rewrite. It can be a fic you love or one you hate. It will be a minimum 500 words but unlikely to be multi-chaptered.

                Any takers?

                Update: I have 1000 words for the first but I'm struggling on the second one. I keep writing them older than they are supposed to be.

                First Prompt: Harry and Sirius on the run together.
                Second prompt: Teenage Harry and Ginny together on an adventure

                X posted to LJ

                parakletos's blog: The Promise You Make as a Writer

                  I'm still reading Elements of Fiction Writing - Beginnings, Middles & Ends, by Nacy Kress and have continued to listen to Fledgling as I slowly level my WoW characters to 85. I've now finished Fledgling and I am ready to pronounce judgement :)

                  parakletos's blog: Start well

                    I was reading the book, Elements of Fiction Writing - Beginnings, Middles & Ends, by Nacy Kress again this week and she suggested at the end of the first chapter that we go back and read stuff we liked and disliked at looked at the openings and see how strong - or not- they were.

                    I tend to start my chapters in a passive manner such as the opening paragraph from the first chapter of Twelve Months:

                    parakletos's blog: Nano Win!

                      I passed the 50k mark a few minutes ago, with my 50,000th word being 'question'.

                      It is a hard slog, especially for someone like me who has been very undisciplined in my writing. There are bits that I now are really bad and the couple I had pencilled in as the main characters proved to be very dull. Thankfully I find some very interesting characters that I hadn't dreamed about who made the whole experience far more interesting.

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