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parakletos's blog: And On The Eighth Day?

    I'm in the process of posting this... with a little help.
    Surprisingly I enjoyed re-reading it and managed to avoid making any major changes. It is a unique version though. I won't post 12M here cos the early, pre-sherry chapters would require too much editing.

     PS Thanks to Phil for additional beta bits :-)

    parakletos's blog: And more....


      parakletos's blog: 12M Chpter 29 part 2

        here is the next bit.Its slow progress but progress nonetheless. The problem with being able to focus and concentrate once more is that there are so many thing you want to do.

        Any way, here it is in all its unbeta'd glory.:


        “Mum?” called Ginny as she poked her head into Harry’s fireplace. “Are you up yet?” She tried to make her voice sound as upbeat as possible so that her mum wouldn’t assume the worse. The loud crash and the scurrying of feet told her that she hadn’t succeeded.

        parakletos's blog: Bits and Pieces

          I've worked on a few things this week; bits of 12Ms and more on Sins of the Fathers.

          Thanks to those who offered to help. Three of my existing beta people came back and said they were ok to look at Sins. One hates Au, one loves it (but only if it involves Snape and Hermione) and the third is Sherry who we know is an all round good egg.

          I would hope the first chapter of Sins would be in beta by next weekend not so sure about 12M.

          parakletos's blog: Looking for beta help

            As most of you know, I'm slowly working my way back into writing. I find myself in need of a beta as I work on Sins of the Fathers. I do have an existing beta team for the stuff I post at PS but none of them, as far as I know actively read AU fics.
            So if you'd like to help comment below and we'll have a chat.



            I am really.... 

            parakletos's blog: Slytherin Harry

              Slytherin Harry is a more common beast than Slytherin Ginny and as part of my exercise earlier in the read to rewrite fanfic clichés this was one I delved into.

              I must admit that I found it harder to write Slytherin Harry than Ginny because .... well I struggled to make him realistic. However, I persevered and the result was Sins of the Fathers which is now a fully plotted but unfinished story. I wanted to write the story in full before publishing it but I'm now tempted to start with what I have and continue.

              parakletos's blog: Chapter 29 Part One - A work in progress

                It was early, far too early for Ginny’s liking. And as if to prove her point, even in central London Harry’s bedroom was still in complete darkness. Of course, that was probably due to the obscuration charms he’d applied to them because whether it was this in the afternoon or three in the morning central London was always lit up like a Christmas tree.

                parakletos's blog: Where am I with things ?

                  I'm still not back writing but I am able to pick at a new chapter of Twelve Months. I won't make any promises about when it might appear but, well I won't make any promises.

                  I've plenty of other projects that exist in note or summary form but the concentration to press on with them isn't there yet.

                  Thanks for reading.

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