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parakletos's blog: Gender Swap

    I have time on my hands following an operation and I've been writing a one off exploring gender issues with Harry turned into a girl, but still with a boys mind. I've had a trawl around but I can't find anything similar, anyone know of anything out there? There's plenty of Fem!Harry stuff, but its either Girl Who Lived i.e. born a girl or Shagging Draco kind of stuff.

    On, and why does everyone call fem!Harry Harriet? Perhaps for ease s/he becomes Hari after the change (Welcome to Wales), but a girl I'd think she'd be more like Heather or some other flower.

    parakletos's blog: Writing Excuses 8.43: Realistic Melee Fighting with Wesley Chu

      Shameless plug for this podcast. A useful 15 mins on writing melée fights. I particularly like the discussion about entertaining versus realistic.

      Check it out.

      October 27, 2013 - 3:56 pm - Posted in Guest, Live, Scenes, Season 8
      Wesley Chu joins Brandon, Mary, Howard, and a live audience at GenCon Indy for a discussion of writing realistic melee fights. Wes has lots of martial arts experience, he learned rope-dart fighting from Scorpion, he has worked as a stunt man, and his latest book, The Deaths of Tao, is out this week!

      parakletos's blog: Sins of the Fathers chapter 11

        I'm now working on this chapter so I thought, as a way of keeping me honest, I'd blog my progress.

        I have my outline, but reviewing it today, there's the possibility that I'll split it into two, possibly three chapters. I'd like to avoid long chapters as I need to keep the momentum on this going and I think a chapter of more than 10k words would be unwise.

        Current word count : 0

        parakletos's blog: The Sins of the Fathers

          In a move that surprised even me, I started to update this story.

          I'd posted scenes from chapter ten on LJ a fair time ago, but never followed it up. I've now rewritten that chapter which now needs an Alpha check before being Beta read. I've also sorted out the ending. Its not the ending I'd planned - that disappeared in a dodgy backup- but up its close. There's a couple of new twists as well.

          All being well, it'll make some sort of appearance this weekend.


          parakletos's blog: Life in the old dog yet?

            ... or just a dead cat bounce?

            Recently, SIYE has had a series of stories I've been reading rather than the odd one or two now and again. I wonder whether this signifies a resurgence of interest and motivation or whether its coincidence.

   seems to churn out stories with narrower and narrower scope so pehaps it is just coincidence but when I saw Erasing The Future had been updated I began to wonder.

            parakletos's blog: Writing Resources - Podcasts

              One thing that I've done in my three months without work is to try and hone my writing skills and I've found podcasts a great help in this.

              The ones that I've found most useful so far are Writing Excuses and The Roundtable Podcast.

              Writing Excuses

              Fifteen minutes long, because you're in a hurry, and we're not that smart.

              parakletos's blog: Revisiting the classics

                As I continue with my enforced period of leisure I've been reading more of the stories that I've loved over the last 8 years or so since I first happened upon HP fanfic.

                Three that have made their way across my screen recently are:

                The Order of the Phoenix by Ruskbyte

                Taking Control by Fake a smile

                Fate's Debt by Intromit

                All three were stories that I really liked, but they've not all aged well.

                The one that was the least satisfying was The Order of the Phoenix. I think its a great idea, but now I think its poor executed and very annoying. I didn't finish reading it.

                parakletos's blog: Sword and Laser anthology

                  I tried to post this as a forum post but apparently I couldn't enter the correct number and letters to prove I'm not a bot :)4

                  On to the post....

                  If you listen to the podcast or watch the video show you might know this, but Sword and Laser are putting together an anthology.

                  Submissions are open until 15th May 2013 and more details can be found on the link below.


                  parakletos's blog: The Letters of Summer

                    I've been rereading this as I have time on my hands as I have been made redundant.

                    Aside from the writers style, its interesting to see what was still up for grabs at the time. One line that stood out was this one.

                    “The problem, Harry, is that the Disarming charm works best in academic settings, not in real world application. A wizard who has a death grip on his wand will not be disarmed with that spell. A properly configured wand will not respond to it either.”

                    parakletos's blog: Reporting in

                      Thought I'd drop in and say hello, let people know what I'm up to, what I'm writing.

                      Leaving aside the normal 'real life ' stuff (including the fact I'm back to taking exams at 50) I'll let you know what I'm working on.

                      I sense that I'm on the way out of HP fanfic, but I don't think I'm alone in that. The last thing I published - The Day That Ginny Weasley Came To Stay - received some very hostile feedback including accusations of it being misogynistic and seemed to indicate that what I have to offer doesn't fit the mood.

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