parakletos's blog: The Sins of the Fathers Chapter Twelve

    The next chapter is up at Phoenix Song for those interested. In an effort to bring the whole thing to a end, I've skipped one of the chapters I'd originally planned. TBH it was a bit dull as it was all reflection by the characters, but only time will tell if the narrative falls over because of its absence.

    parakletos's blog: The Sins of the Fathers (or excuse me whilst I muse on my writing)

      The next chapter is on the verge of being posted and work is underway on the final two chapters of the story.

      When I started this story, I kept the timeline straightforward and, more importantly, the thing was plotted out. Ill heath and other issues have meant that six years later I still haven't finished it. Once I started to work on the final chapter (the two chapters are being written at the same time) I felt a real lifting of the burden of having two unfinished chapters and my thoughts started to turn to the next project.

      parakletos's blog: Harrius Potter et Camera Secretorum

        If anyone has a copy of this, the Latin translation of CoS, or has better Latin than my very rusty O-Level, can they provide a translation of:

        “Open in the name of Slytherin, the greatest of the Hogwarts Four.”

        Aperite Slytherin nomine , quatuor potissimum necromanticas, as given by Google translate, is ,even to my eyes, sadly lacking. Slytherinus, I think, is the Latinised version of the name and as Hogvartensem for Hogwarts. Or perhaps you've seen it in a fanfic somewhere and you can point me to it.



        parakletos's blog: Stronger and Harder Than A Bad Girl's Dream

          I originally wrote this fic for the SIYE Time-Turner challenge, but never got around to completing it until now. Even then its been a bit of a struggle as Canon!Harry is an atypical British teenager and is not a randy git and I found another word that means something different over here to the land of the brave etc...So joining the more guffaw inducing 'fanny' and 'rubber' is the lowly 'homely'.

          parakletos's blog: Taking Turns Ficafest

            At the height of H/G fanfic fandom, Livejournal was the place to be and a lot of communities ran ficafests. Imagine my surprise to find that the Taking Turns community pops up again inviting entries (H&G only). It is linked to the HP reunion community on Lj so you might want to try that out as well.


            Jonathan_Avery's blog: A New Project

              So, this does not relate to HP in any way, but I think it fits the spirit of MetaFic. Back in the 1990's a groupo of friends and I used to get together regularly and watch wrestling on TV. It really was this crazy soap opera for us. In the process of watching it, we were always surprised by the illogical way the plots would play out and then just fizzle and die without resolution. One of my friends, James, would regularly say that he could write better wrestling plot, and actually wanted to write for the WWE.

              parakletos's blog: That stop-start thing- is NaNo the answer?

                I've had an eventful year in many ways. My knees got so bad I could hardly walk (now healed) and I had a (thankfully) small tumour removed last month. I've also changed jobs, seen my kids start their first jobs and we'll end the year with my wife under threat of redundancy. In amongst all this I've been trying to write. I know that many here have had lot lot of 'real life TM' stuff to deal with too.

                parakletos's blog: Gender Swap

                  I have time on my hands following an operation and I've been writing a one off exploring gender issues with Harry turned into a girl, but still with a boys mind. I've had a trawl around but I can't find anything similar, anyone know of anything out there? There's plenty of Fem!Harry stuff, but its either Girl Who Lived i.e. born a girl or Shagging Draco kind of stuff.

                  On, and why does everyone call fem!Harry Harriet? Perhaps for ease s/he becomes Hari after the change (Welcome to Wales), but a girl I'd think she'd be more like Heather or some other flower.

                  Sovran's blog: The Law & the Heart

                    Kenneth Schneyer, known here on Metafic as Rhetor, has recently had a book of his original science fiction published by Stillpoint/Prometheus. Check it out on Amazon here:

                    Pick up a copy; it's worth the read.

                    The Sins of the Fathers - Chapter 12: St Crispin's day by parakletos

                      Chapter number: 

                      Once again Harry awoke to the sound of raised voices.

                      It was becoming an all too familiar occurrence, and one that was both worrying as well as confusing. They were arguing about him, of course; it was always about him.

                      A less discreet place than the entrance hall of the house might exist, but he doubted it. The sound unerringly travelled all the way up the house’s wide staircase to the topmost landing and his bedroom. Why they couldn’t bicker in Black’s study or his aunt’s quarters he did not know.

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